robinthefrog (robinthefrog) wrote,

Island of the Fomors, Friday Night

“Do we have a plan?” Ana asked. “We should have a plan.”

Robin, perched on her shoulder agreed. “They know the island, and we don't.”

Gobo scampered through the brush ahead of them, scouting ahead.

“And none of us is exactly doing a good job of hiding our trail.” Tim grumbled. “We need weapons at least.”

“If we can get to the dock, I know how to sail.” Ana suggested. “And then we can get far enough away that Miss Leda can use her magic again.”

“If we can though,” Leda said, “We should get those shackles off of Tim. For one thing he's hampered by being bound like that, and for another this sword of his sounds pretty useful.”

“Right.” Tim nodded. “I like this somewhat of a plan. Leda, Ana can you tell if we're going in the right direction for the dock?”

“Nope.” Leda shook her head.

“We're going downhill, that's something.” Ana added.

[Continued from here.]
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